Conventional wisdom tells us that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but at A&T Trained Dogs, Lancaster, we know different. We’ve got decades of experience of dog behaviour courses, and we know that old dogs can be just as easily trained as young dogs. In fact, in many cases, training is easier with a calm, focussed, older dog than it is with an excitable young pup.
Constantly learning

Dogs live in the moment and they are constantly analysing their environment through smells, sounds and visual cues. That environment will often change as your life changes. For example, you may get another dog, you may move house, or you may have children. Your work and life schedules can change, shifting their walks and mealtimes. However old your dog is, they will adapt naturally to each of these changes, developing new habits that match their new life.
Training adopted dogs

Many people prefer to adopt an older rescue dog than go through all the stress of training a new puppy, but this can come with problems. Older dogs may have a history that you don’t know about, including abuse, lack of socialisation and other issues. They can also come with a host of bad habits that their previous owners thought are perfectly acceptable. This can make training harder as your dog may be defensive or reluctant to take part and you may need to consider a professional dog behaviour course. That said, a rescue dog will often be so grateful for its new home that he is eager to please its new owners.
Problems with older dogs

If your dog is particularly old, then you need to be careful in choosing which tricks you want to teach him. For example, sitting or lying down on command may be hard for an older dog with join problems. Older dogs may also have problems with hearing or sight, so you need to adapt your commands to take account of this. It is important to continue with dog behaviour courses, even as your dog gets older, because it can help keep their mind and body active and prevent issues like dementia.
Training yourself

However well you have trained your dog, chances are your strict standards will start to slip over time. Rules about jumping on the couch may become flexible and you may find that you start to tolerate behaviours that you previously would’ve stopped straight away. This relaxing is a common problem, which is why the dog behaviour courses at A&T Trained Dogs always include the owners as well as the dogs. We’ll show you how we’ve worked with your dog and spend time with you so you know how to continue where we left off, to maximise the impact of the training.
Get a fully trained dog

A&T Trained Dogs offer a wide range of dog behaviour courses to help you train your dog to live happily and healthily within your home and your household. And we can make having a dog even easier for you too. Choose from our fully trained family protection dogs, or perfect pets, and you’ll get a dog that is well behaved and immaculately mannered from day one, with no need to go through any dog behaviour courses.

Talk to our team about dog behaviour courses and fully trained dogs for sale today and get a dog all the family can enjoy.