There are never any rights or wrongs when it comes to choosing between a puppy to join your family or a fully trained dog. There are pros and cons to both, and through our service we can offer you fully trained family dogs for sale, alongside our doggy day care and extensive dog training programmes, ensuring that whichever route you choose we can help you build confidence in your dog, keep them safe in all environments and to have a fit, healthy and enjoyable life as part of your family.

Fully trained dogs with A&T Trained Dogs

It can be a long and uncomfortable journey to train a puppy in full, from learning commands and safety protocols in unfamiliar surroundings, to the joys of toilet training. On the other hand, choosing an older dog where you are not sure of the upbringing that they have had brings its own complications. With our selection and training processes, you’ll have a fully trained family dog that is the perfect family pet from the first day they arrive at your home. Our experts select the best dogs from the best breeders and our strict standards, combined with our Perfect Pets Training Programme ensures that by the time you choose your new family member, they are ready to go.

The benefits of a fully trained dog for your family

By choosing a fully trained dog over a puppy you are ensuring that the dog becoming part of your family is much easier to integrate into your home life. They have already been fully trained in how they should behave in various settings and understand what is expected from them by an owner. Straight away you’ll find a dog that quickly becomes part of the furniture, responds to your commands with ease and is comfortable in different settings, meaning that you can take your dog out for walks and into different environments with peace of mind that it is very safe to do so.

Of course, you should always plan the integration of any new dog to your family, making sure they are comfortable with their new surroundings. This is even more important if you have another dog already and/or you have young children in the home. A well-trained dog can become a much loved and cherished family member for years to come.

Fully trained dogs or dog training

We have you covered with all aspects of dog training. We can help your puppy grow to be obedient, show good behaviour in all environments and help you build a positive, trusting bond with your dog. Alternatively, you might be interested in our wide range of fully trained dogs for sale. We specialise in perfect pets and dogs trained for family protection.

If you would like to find out more about our services, drop us a line on 01524 587 315 and you can take a look at what we do and lose your heart to some of our puppies and fully trained dogs over on our Facebook and Instagram pages.