At The Lounge Doggy Day Care we provide the perfect place for your dog to be looked after whilst you are out for the day. If you are heading to work, a medical appointment or for any other day where you cannot take your dog with you, our dog day care centre gives you peace of mind that you can relax that your dog is being well-looked after. We’ll keep your dog occupied in a fun and engaging way, ensuring that when you get home from a tiring day, they won’t be bouncing around expecting you to do some more work with them, you’ll have both had a fruitful day!

How does doggy day care work?

Doggy day care is similar to childcare. You’ll drop your dog off with us in the morning before you go to work, and we’ll look after them all day until you are ready to pick them up on your way home in the evening. It’s more than a basic kennel or dog-sitting service, because we make things exciting for our dogs, building confidence and helping them get comfortable in different scenarios.

What are the benefits of using a doggy day care service?

There are a few benefits to utilising our fantastic dog day care service:

Separation anxiety – The first is that it helps to alleviate any separation anxiety that your dog might feel when you leave them to go to work every day. By leaving them with us, you’ll see fewer instances of chewed up pillows and shoes, because they’ll have been active all day and busy with other dogs, rather than bored at home missing you.

Keep your dog safe – No matter how safe and secure your home is, there is always a worry that our dogs will find a way to get out of the house, jump over a back fence or be stolen by intruders. Leaving your dogs with us ensures that they are in a safe environment all day, giving you great peace of mind.

Stick to a routine – It can be so hard for our little loved ones to have an up and down routine. If you’re very active with your dog on evenings and weekends, it can be confusing for them to be left at home during the working week. With us, there will continue to be a strict routine every day, increasing socialisation with other dogs and keeping them fit and healthy in the process.

Doggy Day Care with A&T Trained Dogs

We have the largest dog care facility in the North West of England at The Lounge Doggy Day-Care. Your dog will love all the different indoor and outdoor environments to explore when you leave them with us for the day. There are plenty of other dogs with us every day too, so they’ll make loads of new friends and benefit from this increased social aspect to their lives and the active lifestyle.

If you would like to find out more about our services, drop us a line on 01524 587 315 and you can take a look at what we do and lose your heart to some of our puppies and fully trained dogs over on our Facebook and Instagram pages.