With their cute little tails, soft fur and big, adorable eyes, it’s easy to see the attraction of a puppy as a pet. But trust us; the novelty soon wears off when you realise the amount of work, patience and responsibility that comes with taking on a very young dog. Far from being the perfect pet, puppies are actually a lot of hard work and hassle, all of which could be easily avoided by choosing a fully trained dog from A&T Trained Dogs.

There are lots of different problems with puppies, each of which will take lots of time and skill to deal with. What’s more, if you get your puppy training wrong, it can lead to significant issues with your older dog, issues that just aren’t as cute anymore now he has grown up.

House training

One of the most testing elements of dealing with a new puppy is toilet training. Depending on the breed and how skilled you are at training, this can take anything from a few weeks to a few months. During this time, you will need to be very patient and prepared to have your carpets and floors soiled on a regular basis.


Puppies are like small children, and they have to learn how to play together develop their confidence around others. For some dogs this comes naturally, but with other breeds you can face problems with lack of confidence, or at the other end of the scale, fighting and bullying of other dogs. Unless you can socialise your dog properly, you will always have problems when you are out in public.


Puppies love to chew things, and they aren’t too bothered what they chew. Just like when you have a toddler in your home, you need to be extra vigilant about what you leave within reach. The trouble is that puppies can be incredibly smart and opportunistic, and before you know it, your favourite shoes will be in bits in the bin.

Nipping and biting

Nipping and biting are a favourite game for most puppies. This can be cute and fun when they are small, but if you don’t get control of this behaviour, you’ll find it much less cute as they get older and stronger.


One of the charms of puppies is their endless energy, and they need lots of your time and attention to keep them occupied and amused. That said, you can’t simply walk them until they’ve burned it all off, because too much exercise can cause serious damage to their developing joints. Getting the exercise level right is not as easy as it seems.

Learning to be alone

Puppies are great to be with, but you won’t want to be with them all the time. Training your puppy to be alone, without worrying, is as important as training them to be social around people and other dogs. Like a crying baby, it can be really hard to ignore those sad whimpers as they deal with their separation anxiety.

Being the boss

Successful puppy training means having a single, consistent set of rules. Unfortunately, in most households, this rarely happens. You may take a firm stance on not letting him on the couch, but as soon as your back is turned, you’ll find him cuddling up with the kids watching cartoons. This can be very confusing for a young dog and makes training so much harder.

The easy alternative

When you consider just how hard puppy training can be, you start to see how much easier, and more enjoyable, a fully trained, perfect pet from A&T can be. All our dogs come house trained and socialised, and they will obey a wide range of basic commands that will put you in complete control. They have shed their puppy habits, such as chewing and nipping, and are comfortable with their own company.

Choosing between problems and puddles, or a perfect pet, trained by experts who really understand dog behaviour, is no contest. Talk to our team today about perfect pets and get a dog that is everything you want it to be from the day it arrives.