Heronswood Canine Retreat Doggy Hotel is a luxurious dog hotel where your dog can board while you are away from home. A pet hotel is undoubtedly a better option for boarding your dog at the vet’s office when you have to go out of town.

With a doggy hotel, you can expect your dog to get personalized and special care, which often include perks and treats. Heronswood Canine Retreat Doggy hotel is a true definition of a 5-star pet hotel located sprawling seven acres of beautiful Lancashire countryside.

It is a perfect destination for a memorable holiday for your dog. So, while you are away, you never have to worry about the well-being of your dog, knowing they are in good hands. So, why should you choose our luxury dog boarding facility?

Amenities equal to Human Hotels

Heronswood Canine Retreat Doggy hotel is not just your regular pet hotel. It has the same features and amenities as you would find in a luxury human hotel. It has luxury areas for play and fun activities. It also provides special foods that are prepared by our knowledgeable doggy-chefs. We also provide pick-up and drop-off services from the facility at your request.

100% Safety is Assured

Your dog is safe at our luxury doggy hotel. As a matter of fact, it can be safer to leave your pet at a luxury dog boarding facility than travel with them where you risk leaving them all alone and unattended to while you are busy with other things. Heronswood Canine Retreat Doggy hotel provides 24/7 care for your dog.

That means there are always staff members around the facility to monitor and care for your fur baby. Additionally, leaving your dog in a luxury boarding kennel guarantees your pet’s mental health because they will never be alone. There are other dogs around that they can relate to and play with.

Personalised Service

Our luxury dog boarding facilities spares no expense in creating the perfect luxurious suites for your canine babies. There are comfy beds made of the best materials with a dog-friendly design and ambiance. Everything that makes your dog feel at home and comfortable can be found at our doggy hotel.

These are some of the reasons the Heronswood Canine Retreat Doggy hotel is good for your dog. You can board your pet at our facility while you are away without worrying about their safety and care.