Are you looking for dog boarding in Lancaster? It is essential for you to find the best option for your pet. However, before you board your dog, make sure that it is the right solution for your pet.

Additionally, take the time to tour the facility of your choice before boarding your dog. A doggy hotel offers your dog a safe, comfortable, and clean place to stay and play while you are away. The best dog boarding facility is undoubtedly a home away from home for your dog.

How to Choose the Best Dog Boarding Facility in Lancaster

Lancaster boasts of some of the best doggy hotels you can find around. However, not all boarding centres are right for your dog.

Therefore, when searching for the best dog boarding in Lancaster, you should consider some pertinent things to make your dog comfortable and feel at home. Here are some top considerations when choosing the best doggy hotel for your pet.

  • Temperature Control 

The best dog boarding hotel for your dog should have the right temperature to ensure that your pet is comfortable. You do not want your dog to start feeling homesick even before you are gone for thirty minutes.

  • Outdoor Running Space for Pets

With the vast land space that offers dogs an opportunity to run and walk as much as they want, it is little wonder Heronswood Canine Retreat is considered the best dog boarding facility area for your pets.

  • Clean Beds and Kitchen Areas

Where your dog sleeps and eats can significantly affect its health. Therefore, when boarding your pet at a doggy hotel, check to see how clean the beds and kitchen areas are.

The beds should be regularly changed and washed to ensure the comfort of your dog. The kitchen should also be clean and well-maintained. A clean facility means a pest-free facility and a healthy dog.

Knowing what to look for when searching for a dog boarding in Lancaster is very important and choosing Heronswood Canine Retreat you can be assured they will be cared for as well as if they were with you and your family, they will be part of our family.