A doggy hotel is a type of pet boarding that offers care for dogs while the dog owner is temporarily unable to care for the dog. When a dog owner is out of town or indisposed because of illness or work, a dog boarding facility is often the top consideration for keeping the dog safe and in good hands.

The accommodation and services available at such doggy hotels vary significantly, depending on the standard of such a hotel. Although there are significant differences among dog hotels, they all share some basic care offerings.

These include feeding, administering medication, and regular exercise runs. Some doggy facilities allow pet owners to choose from a list of menu services, playtime with staff members, grooming services, and dog walking at additional cost.

What are the Features of a Doggy Hotel?

Just like hotels for humans, a doggy hotel comes in different categories. There are cheap hotels and more expensive ones. The cheap hotels offer basic amenities, as mentioned above. However, Heronswood Canine Retreat offer the epitome of dog care and comfort for man’s best friends.

With our luxury doggy hotel, your dog will be housed in a spacious living area attached to outdoor runs, we also do all we can to ensure your dog feels like they are on holiday and are fully relaxed in their surroudnings.

During their stay at our luxury doggy hotel we can also provide a full grooming services, such as nail clipping, shampooing, and teeth cleaning.

Top Considerations for choosing a Doggy Hotel

Your pet’s needs come first when choosing a boarding facility. How active is your dog and how much exercise does it need? We will always ensure we provide a bespoke service to match your dog’s needs.

Although it is just temporary boarding, the experience at a dog boarding facility can have a lasting effect on your canine baby. Our luxury doggy hotel is the ultimate choice if you are traveling out of town and cannot take your dog with you. It is a safe and comfortable boarding facility where your pet can socialise with other dogs and be cared for while you are away.