As the top dog trainers in Lancashire, we believe that every dog that comes through our residential dog training is a hero. They have worked hard overcome their behaviour problems, which takes real dedication on your dog’s part, as well as from our experienced dog obedience training team.

However, when it comes to bravery and heroics, there are some dogs that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here are our top ten canine heroes:

  1. Layka the army dog – anyone with an A&T family protection dog will appreciate the bravery of Layka, who was hit four times with an AK-47 and still kept going to tackle the attacker and protect her handler.
  2. Kelsey the golden retriever – when Kelsey’s owner slipped on the ice and broke his neck, he lay on top of him to keep him from freezing for almost 24hrs until they were found, despite temperatures dropping to -4°C.
  3. Lily the pit bull pup – when Lily’s owner fell onto the rail tracks near their home, Lily managed to drag her to safety, despite losing her own leg in the process!
  4.  Kahn the Doberman – you could forgive Kahn’s owners for panicking when they saw him throw their young daughter across the back garden – until they spotted the snake that was about to bite her! Kahn took a bite from the snake in the process but thankfully survived.
  5. Treo the black Labrador – as a member of the 104 Military Working Dog Support Unit in Afghanistan, Treo found hidden explosives not once but twice, saving the lives of countless soldiers. He was awarded the highest military honour for a dog, the Dickin Medal.
  6. Sasha, Rufus, and Target – not all war heroes are formally trained army dogs. Sasha, Rufus, and Target were just strays adopted by the armed forces in Afghanistan, yet together they managed to stop a suicide bomber from reaching their barracks, risking their own lives to save the lives of all the soldiers inside.
  7. Angel the golden retriever – wild animals can be just as dangerous as enemy insurgents, but that didn’t stop Angel from putting herself between her eleven-year-old owner, Austin, and a vicious wild cougar who came into their yard. A true family protection dog, Angel fought bravely with the big cat for several minutes until help arrived.
  8. Babu the shih tzu – dogs can often sense impeding danger long before people, which is how Babu saved her owner from a tsunami. She begged her to leave the house and dragged her up hill to safer ground just in time.
  9. Joe the Yorkshire terrier – you don’t have to be a big dog to be a big hero. When his owner forgot to close the door before taking a nap, it was tiny Joe who fearlessly chased out the inquisitive black bear that had come in sniffing around.
  10. Greyfriars Bobby – perhaps the best known hero dog of them all is Greyfriars Bobby, who sat for fourteen years by his owner’s graveside after he passed away, only stopping his vigil when he passed himself.

If you are looking for a canine hero of your own, check out our selection of trained family dogs for sale or our specially trained family protection dogs. Life-saving tales like those above show how easily it could be the best investment you ever make.