Paying for a professional dog trainer may seem like a needless expense. After all, you can train your own dog, can’t you? Well, no, actually in most cases, you can’t – at least not very well. Here are ten reasons why training your own dog is not a good idea:

  • You are not a professional – at A&T, our team are all fully trained, professional dog trainers with many years of experience. You wouldn’t try to rewire your house, just because you know how to change a plug, because some things are best left to the professionals.
  • You don’t understand dogs – the A&T team have studied dogs and animal behaviour, both in theory and in practice, so we know what makes your dog tick and how to fine tune that ticking. Most people anthropomorphise their dogs, treating them as if they are people and assuming they think like people and will respond to the same kind of training, but they are not people, they are dogs.
  • You don’t know how to do it safely – training an aggressive dog needs special care to avoid hurting the dog or getting injured yourself. It is a testing time and aggression training needs an experienced professional to do it safely.
  • You don’t know dog training methods – without a good understanding of the different dog training methods, your training will be hit and miss at best. The A&T training team not only understand a wide range of techniques, they are also constantly learning new training methods through CPD to give you the benefit of the very latest research.
  • Different dogs need different training – there are no one-size -fits-all solutions when it comes to training your dog. What worked for your last dog, or your friend’s dog, may not work for your current animal. A&T’s professional trainers know what approach will be most effective in different situations and can switch between a range of methods to suit different dogs.
  • You don’t have the time – dog training takes a great deal of time, application and patience. Many people simply don’t have the time to train their own dog properly. Even if you do, there are lots more fun things you and your pet could be doing in that time. Our residential dog training courses offer intensive training that gives your dog all the time they need.
  • The internet doesn’t know everything – it seems like you can find out almost anything online these days, but the internet does not know your dog and cannot assess the best training methods to suit their personality like an experienced dog trainer can.
  • Your trainer won’t get emotionally involved – many people struggle with dog training because they are worried about how it will affect their relationship with their dog. They just don’t have a structured enough approach to be effective and so the training can fail. At A&T, our trainers do really care about your dog, but they will not stop a training session or give them extra treats at the first glimpse of those big beautiful eyes.
  • You could make habits that are hard to break – the aim of dog training is to establish a set of good behaviour habits that you want in your dog. But if you get it wrong, you could end up reinforcing bad habits that are then very hard to break.
  • Getting it wrong can lead to a lifetime of problems – high quality, professional dog training from A&T Trained Dogs will set your dog up for life as an obedient, well behaved pet. Poor or inept training on the other hand, can lead to a lifetime of problems with recall, barking, socialisation and many other issues.

When you stop and think about what is at stake – a decade or more of your dog’s behaviour, thousands of walks and days out, endless evenings together at home – it becomes clear that A&T professional dog training is far from a needless expense. In fact, it is an excellent investment that will pay you back many times over as you and your dog enjoy trouble free time together.