In uncertain times, protecting your property and keeping those close to you safe has never been more important. But that doesn’t mean you have to go over the top with your precautions. Family protection dogs from A&T offer a high level of personal and property protection, from a loving family pet. Here are ten reasons why you should choose a family protection dog from A&T Trained Dogs:

  • Family protection dogs are part of the family – Most of the time, these dogs are just like any other family pet, playing ball in the park and cuddling up with you in front of the TV. They may be big, but they are soft and loving too
  • Family protection dogs are safe with children – Unlike certain dogs, which are bred for their aggression, our dogs are completely safe with children and you can let them play together without any worries
  • Family protection dogs are under your control – Your family protection dog will only ever warn or attack on your command, and they will stop just as quickly and obediently. They will never go wild because you stay in complete control at all times.
  • Family protection dogs are good with strangers – Because you are in control, your dog will take its cues from you regarding strangers. They will not get aggressive with people you meet on the street or callers to your home, and they will only step up to protect you or your property if you ask them to.
  • Family protection dogs can’t be by-passed – Locks can be picked and alarm systems can be hacked or by-passed, but your family protection dog is a far more reliable line of defence against home invaders.
  • Family protection dogs are carefully selected – All family protection dogs are carefully selected for temperament, breeding and health, using only breeders we know and trust from across Europe. These are not vicious fighting dogs; they are specialist protection breeds.
  • Family protection dogs are professionally trained – We have been training dogs for many years and have an excellent success rate. Our family protection dog training is our most thorough and intensive course, designed to produce the very highest standards of behaviour and obedience.
  • Family protection dogs are medium drive – High drive, energetic dogs can be hard to manage, even when they have been well trained. We always select medium drive dogs that have the ideal blend of energy and composure making them much easier to live with.
  • Family protection dogs can live indoors or out – All family protection dogs are fully house trained, but they can also live outside on your property in a kennel if you prefer, offering round the clock protection.
  • Family protection dogs are loyal companions – Like any dog, your family protection dog will bond with you forming a lifelong friendship. As this bond grows, so will your complete confidence in your canine protector.

To find out more about A&T Trained Dogs family protection dogs, and how they can fit in to your family, contact us today to discuss your needs. We have protection dogs in training all the time so we can set you up with the peace of mind you need fast.