Here at A&T Trained Dogs, people often ask us why they should buy a perfect pet, and not just get a dog from a breeder or even an animal welfare or rescue centre? There are lots of good reasons why a perfect pet is, well, perfect. Here’s ten of them…

  • Perfect pets are healthier – We carefully select our perfect pets from trusted, reputable breeders, insisting on an excellent health record
  • Perfect pets have perfect breeding – We choose our breeders carefully, making sure that they have strong bloodlines of excellent animals. We only use breeders we trust and that we have worked with before, and we only select strong breeds that are known for their obedience and temperament.
  • Perfect pets are carefully selected for the right attributes – Unlike a mongrel from your local dog pound, we can select perfect pets based on their individual temperament, to make sure you are getting a good-natured animal. What’s more, because we keep the dogs for several months, we can double check their personality and make sure the dog is safe and well trained before we pass them on to you.
  • Perfect pets are perfect from day one – With a perfect pet, there is no dealing with puddles while you house train them, and no issues with recall or obedience while you get to know your dog. Perfect pets come fully house trained, will obey a range of basic commands and have excellent recall from the moment you take ownership.
  • Perfect pets come with full ‘instructions’ – To make sure everything works well from day one, your perfect pet comes with a comprehensive handover when you come to collect them, as well as a ‘home pack’ full of suggestions about how best to integrate your new dog into your pack.
  • Perfect pets put you in control – Many people struggle when training their pets, worried that their dog will resent them for being too structured. With a perfect pet, we’ve done the hard work for you, so you can enjoy a well-behaved dog from the start without any worries about training.
  • Perfect pets are easier to live with – Perfect pets don’t bark at the postman, they don’t chew your furniture and they won’t run off chasing cats as soon as they are off the lead. You get all the good bits of dog ownership, without any of the drawbacks.
  • Perfect pets are great with your children – You can trust a perfect pet completely, even around little ones. Your children can build a great relationship with your dog safe in the knowledge that they will not bite or snap at them.
  • Perfect pets are well behaved around your friends
  • Perfect pets need no apologies. They won’t jump up at your friends and family when they come to visit and they won’t abandon all their training when they get over-excited. They will be a credit to you at all times and in all company.
  • Perfect pets make dog walks stress-free
  • Perfect pets don’t disappear in the park, only to return ten minutes later covered in mud from nose to tail. They will walk to heel, obey your commands and have excellent recall when it is time to go home, making your dog walk a pleasure rather than a chore.

Owning a dog should be easy and fun, not hard and stressful. So, choose your next dog carefully. Choose a perfect pet from A&T and enjoy years of obedience and exceptional behaviour.