In an ideal world, all dogs would be as well trained, immaculately behaved and unfailingly obedient as A&T’s Perfect Pets. They wouldn’t have any dog behavioural problems, they would never let you down in public and they would be a pleasure to walk both on and off lead.

Unfortunately, the real world of dogs is far from ideal, and owners can face a whole raft of problems when they take on a new dog, especially older dogs from rescue centres. Many people believe that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and that they set in their ways forever, but this is far from the truth.

Any dog can be trained

At A&T Trained Dogs, we believe that any dog can be trained, even old dogs, as long as you have the right skills and experience, provide the right environment and give it enough time.

Over the years we have helped owners and their dogs to deal with all kinds of issues that have seriously impacted on their enjoyment of having a dog and restricted the fun they can have together. We’ve helped with recall issues that stop owners letting their dogs off lead for a run for fear that they won’t come back, as well as socialisation issues that lead to stress and struggles around other dogs due to aggression or nervousness.

We’ve helped with dog behaviour problems at home, such as barking at passing strangers, toilet problems and destructive behaviour in dogs. We can even work with canine psychological problems, which are common in rescue dogs, such as attachment problems or excessive timidity around strangers or other dogs.

A choice of training

If your dog has issues, then chances are we can help. We offer a choice of dog training styles to fit around your dog and your lifestyle, either as residential courses or as one to one training for you and your dog at our Lancaster training centre.

Residential dog training courses have the highest success rate, with intensive training over four or five weeks specifically designed around the problems identified in your pre-training assessment. Alternatively, we can offer personal dog and owner training that teaches you how to train your dog better, helping you to achieve the results you want in your own time at home.

Everyone welcome

No problem is too big for the expert team at A&T Trained Dogs, and there’s nothing we like better than a challenge. So, if you’re having problems with your pooch, or you’re thinking of taking on a rescue dog but you’re worried about the problems that might come with it, get in touch with us today.

Our team will be happy to talk through the issues and offer advice on the best solution to help you and your dog build a better relationship built on trust and obedience, which will open up all the joys of dog ownership for you both.

Take control of your safety

A family protection dog is the perfect blend of family pet and peace of mind protection, who you can trust with your children even when you are not around to supervise. Many months of intense training by our highly experienced and talented team gives you that vital trust in your dog as a loyal and obedient companion.