It may have been slow to arrive, but this summer is turning out to be a hot one, with lots of long, sunny days and temperatures regularly nudging up into the late 20s. After such a cold start, we’re all grateful to see some sunshine, but we need to take care so we don’t over-do it.

Staying hydrated, avoiding long periods in the direct sun and keeping our cool are important for us and they’re just as important for our dogs too. There’s lots of ways you can look after your dog during hot weather, or if you’re not around, we can keep them cool for you at our Lancaster doggy day care centre.
Keeping your dog cool at home

Even the most energetic dog will want to take it easy during hot weather, so make sure they have plenty of places to rest out of the sunshine. Ideally, they should be able to choose between indoors and out, with the ability to come inside to find a cool spot when they’ve had enough sun. Make sure there is plenty of fresh water available wherever you dog may need it.

If there is no natural shade in your garden, then you need to create some with a parasol or even a simple deck chair. Soak a towel in cold water to give them a pleasant place to lie down, or better still, invest in a children’s paddling pool to give your dog a cooling treat. Our doggy day care centre has lots of shady spots for Rover to rest.
Summer dog walk safety

Chances are, after such a wet spring, your dog may not have had as much exercise as usual, so ease them gently into your summer walking routine. Going too far too fast could lead to injuries and exhaustion even in apparently healthy dogs. Take a bottle of water and a bowl with you if you are going out for any length of time.

You should avoid neighbourhood gardens when you are out, as they might not be as dog friendly as your own. Several common plants, such as Azaleas, are poisonous to dogs, and they can also suffer reactions to the weed killers, pesticides and fertilisers used in everyday gardens.
Beach safety for dogs

A day at the beach is as exciting for your dog as it is for your family, but you need to exercise caution while you are having fun. Don’t ever let your dog eat anything it finds on the beach. There are endless hazards washed up on the shoreline, so make sure he stays close where you can watch what he is up to.

Many dogs like swimming in the sea to cool off and have some fun, but don’t let them get too far out from shore and make sure they don’t drink the seawater. Large waves and rip tides should be avoided and don’t let your dog swim out to a sandbank or they could easily get into difficulties and get stranded.
Home alone in hot weather

With a bit of planning and common sense, it is easy to take care of your dog during hot weather if you are at home. But what happens when you are out at work? You may not be able to leave doors and windows open if the house is empty, and you won’t be there to top up their water bowls.

That’s where The Lounge doggy day care from A&T Trained Dogs really comes into its own. Our Lancaster doggy day care centre is fully equipped to cope with even the warmest weather, keeping your dog cool and comfortable. Our fully trained team will be around all day to take care of your pet so you can get on with your day knowing they are safe and sound however hot it gets.

To find out more, call The Lounge Doggy Day Care team today and see how easily and affordably we can look after your dog this summer.