In the last year COVID-19 has made life challenging for people, forcing them to change their routine. Our pets have suffered as well, albeit in different ways. From long-time family pets to the newest member of the family, your dogs’ day-to-day routine, environment and canine social bonds have been disrupted immeasurably.


Getting dogs back into a routine is crucial for their happiness and wellbeing:


By their very nature, dogs are social animals. They form a deep emotional bond with their owners, but also with other dogs and as such require a “pack” to belong to. As much as dogs love their human companions, mixing with their own kind is of vital importance to their social wellbeing as well as their mental health and stimulation. Even if owners are around all the time, the social skills and development that dogs need to interact with one another can only be gained by dog-dog socialisation.


Physical health of your dog is as important as their mental health. Given half a chance dogs will laze about all day, sleeping as much as they can, although many will crave the activity and energetic lifestyle their breed demands. Much like humans, dogs become accustomed to routine and everyday life. However, due to their nature, the constant attention and company they have received from them will make it increasingly difficult for them to manage as things return to our pre pandemic lifestyles.


A day in doggy day-care will more than fulfil both their need for physical activity as well as the mental stimulation that is crucial to animal wellbeing and balance. Managing their routine through variety and interaction in doggy day-care will allow your dog to eliminate any stress they may experience when you leave the house. While in day care your dog will benefit from activities and exposure to a new environment, interaction with new people and dogs, as well as that much needed pampering and grooming time.


Due to lockdown, many dogs who haven’t had the opportunity for a normal introduction to the world, usually gained through puppy classes and normal socialisation. As the world transitions back to normality, these dogs face problems adjusting to the world which will only increase in severity the longer they are left untreated. With a controlled introduction to different environments, people and other animals, these COVID pups can become accustomed to everyday stressors. This will significantly reduce the impact when owners’ return to work and socialising begins again.
Giving your dog time and space to adjust to each new situation they encounter they are able to adapt at their own pace. COVID pups can take advantage of our specialised socialisation classes, during which they will be introduced to other people and dogs in a controlled environment, overseen by trained professionals who specialise in behavioural therapy. Giving your pup the best possible start in life and safeguarding their happiness for the future.


To book your pup onto our specialised COVID socialisation training please call 01524 587315 or enquire directly via our contact form.