Putting their dog into boarding kennels while they are away on holiday can be hard for many owners. They miss their furry friends and feel bad about leaving them locked up while they’re stretching out on the beach enjoying some sunshine.

However, for some dog owners, a week without their dog is a very welcome break. A week where he isn’t winding them up by barking at the window every time someone walks past. A week where they can enjoy their meals in peace without being pestered for table scraps. A break from all the other little annoyances and daily frustrations that come with having an untrained dog.

If this sounds all too familiar, then A&T Trained Dogs have a suggestion for you. Next time you go away, don’t book your dog into the boarding kennels, book him in with us for some residential dog training instead.

Make the most of your break

Residential training in Lancashire kills two birds with one stone, because not only will your dog be professionally looked after while you are away, they’ll also receive top quality training making them so much easier to live with when you get back. You won’t miss them while they are with us, because you will be enjoying your holiday, and they won’t have to go away twice, once for training and again for your holidays.

Suitable for all ages

Residential dog training is effective for most ages of dogs, from puppies to older animals. The course involves intensive, daily dog training classes and produces remarkable results.

Residential training normally takes four to six weeks, which can be split to suit your schedule. So, if you are going away at Easter, then have a fortnight planned in the summer, you can split your dog’s residential training between the two, taking care of all you’re boarding kennel requirements, while also getting your dog professionally trained at the same time.

Book residential dog training

We have limited spaces available for residential dog training over the Easter fortnight, so contact our friendly team today to book your place. They will discuss your dog with you in detail and identify any specific problems you are having with their behaviour. Their training course will then be designed specifically for them in order to achieve the best possible results.

Residential dog training packages in Lancaster start from around £400 per week, but if you arrange this to match your holiday dates, you can effectively halve the cost because you won’t need to pay for boarding kennels while you are away. It’s the smart way to save and you will come back from your break to a whole new dog.

So if you’re looking forward to your holiday for all the wrong, dog-related reasons, think about booking them on to a residential dog training course while you are gone. Who knows, with their new level of obedience and impeccable behaviour, both on and off lead, you might even want to take them away with you next time you go!