If you are thinking of getting a dog, you might like to consider adopting a rescue dog rather than buying from a breeder. Rescue dogs come with many advantages, and A&T Trained Dogs are always on hand with dog behaviour training to help iron out any issues and help your dog settle into his new home.
Why adopt a rescue dog?

There are around 100,000 dogs in UK shelters at any one time. They end up there for a variety of reasons, usually due to a change in their owner’s circumstances, such as a new baby, a house move or a relationship breakdown. Most are great dogs who have ended up homeless through no fault of their own, though some may have been abused or mistreated and need extra care to help them learn to trust people again.

Unfortunately, not all rescue dogs find a home, and according to PETA, around 21 dogs a day are put down because a new home cannot be found for them. Adopting a dog from a shelter not only saves their life, but also financially supports the organisation that took care of him and frees up a place for another dog in need.
What are the benefits of rescue dogs?

Adopting a dog, rather than buying a new puppy from a breeder has many advantages. Usually rescue dogs will be older and need less fuss and attention than a puppy. They are normally house-broken and will have some basic training too, which you can top up with the help of A&T Trained Dogs to get a fully trained dog much sooner.

As well as being well behaved, a rescue dog will be grateful for its new home and reward you with extra friendship and loyalty, especially if they have had a hard time in their former life. It can take time for them to come around, but the rewards are well worth it. Don’t let an older rescue dog put you off adopting. As we discussed recently on the blog, you can teach an old dog new tricks. The team at A&T Trained Dogs will be delighted to help you bond with your rescue dog, with a range of dog behaviour courses in Lancaster to help you train them.
Supporting a great cause

Rescuing a dog usually involves making a donation to the charity or council that have been sheltering it, but this will be a lot less than you’d pay for a pedigree puppy – plus you get the satisfaction of knowing that your payment is supporting a great cause. What’s more, rescue dogs will usually come with a full set of injections and flea and tick treatments, and already be neutered and tagged, saving you even more.
Fully trained dogs

Of course, rescue dogs are not for everyone; some people prefer to know the full history and lineage of their dog. If you would prefer a dog from a breeder, where you know the temperament and history before you start, then A&T Trained Dogs can source the perfect pet for you. We only use the most reputable breeders in the UK and Europe and unlike problematic puppies, our fully trained dogs slot seamlessly into your home. A&T Trained Dogs offer a choice of trained dogs for sale, including family protection dogs and other fully trained dogs and can match your needs exactly to make your new pet completely hassle free.

Whether you’re giving a home to a rescue dog, or looking for a choice of fully trained dogs, talk to the expert team at A&T Trained Dogs today for all the advice and support you need.