Royal Canin Medium Starter Dog Food


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Royal Canin Medium Starter Mother & Babydog is inspired by professional research to meet the needs of the mother and her puppies during the first five stages of their life cycle: gestation, birth, lactation, weaning, and growth up to 2 months old.

  • Complete Dried Dog Food
  • Can be rehydrated to porridge-like consistency
  • From the end of gestation & during lactation
  • Weaning puppies up to 2 months old
  • Excursive combination of nutritional elements
  • High energy value, quality proteins & fats
  • For dogs whose Adult weight is from 11 to 25kg

Royal Canin Medium Starter Mother & Babydog contains an exclusive combination of nutritional elements which are present in mother’s milk, reinforced with specific nutrients which actively contribute to promoting digestive security and strengthening the puppy’s natural defences.

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