Royal Canin Great Dane Dog Food


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Royal Canin Great Dane Breed Specific is a complete dog feed for adult and mature Great Danes over 24 months old.

  • Complete Dry Pet Food
  • For Adult Great Dane Dogs
  • Aged 24 Months Plus
  • Energy Giving Kibbles
  • Supports Joint Health

Royal Canin Great Dane contains exclusive energy-giving kibbles which meet the needs of Great Danes without overfilling their stomach. Their shape, size and texture help limit the food intake rate, encouraging chewing and promoting oral hygiene. It is important to divide the daily ration into at least 2 meals in order to limit the risk of gastric dilatation-volvulus.

Royal Canin Great Dane is enriched with EPA and DHA. Specific formula to help support healthy bones and joints, and also contains increased chondroitin, glucosamine, EPA and DHA content to help maintain mobility.. Royal Canin Great Dane also promotes optimal digestive security, taking into account the Great Dane’s digestive sensitivity.

The added patented antioxidant complex helps neutralise free radicals in ageing Great Danes.

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