Royal Canin German Shepherd Dog Food


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Royal Canin German Shepherd is a complete adult dry dog food, for dogs from 15 months old.

  • Tailor-made Nutrition for Pure Breed Dogs
  • A concentration of scientific and nutritional expertise born from the unique knowledge of Royal Canin combined with the practical experience of Breeders


Digestive performance – Contributes to supporting digestive health while taking into account the German Shepherd’s digestive sensitivity, thanks to highly digestible L.I.P.* proteins and a selection of specific fibres to limit intestinal fermentation while supporting a balance in the intestinal flora. *Protein selected for its very high digestibility.
Healthy skin & coat – This formula helps support the skin’s “barrier” role (exclusive complex) and maintain skin and coat health (EPA & DHA).
Bone & joint health – This specific formula helps support healthy bones and joints and maintain ideal weight. Enriched with EPA & DHA.

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