With all the uncertainty surrounding Europe, many people are choosing to holiday right here in the UK this year, rather than risk delays at the airport or negative sentiments from our European neighbours. Britain has so many great places for a holiday, from beaches to stunning mountains, country cottages to historic towns and cities – and the best part is, you can take your dog with you!

For dog owners, holidaying at home can mean a significant saving in kennel fees. There’s plenty of dog-friendly accommodation right across the UK, so taking your dog on your family holiday is not a problem – or at least it isn’t if your pet is well behaved. Sadly, many people would avoid the idea of taking their dog away with them, and some even see their holiday as a break away from dealing with their disobedient dog.

Just getting there can be a nightmare if your dog doesn’t travel well, with hours of barking and whining down your ear as you try to concentrate on the road. And that’s before you even get to your destination. Taking your dog to a strange place and expecting it to settle in straight away can be a real challenge. Will they scratch the furniture? Will they dig in the garden? Will they run off and not know their way back? With so much worry about, it’s not exactly what you would call a holiday!

With a Perfect Pet from A&T Trained Dogs, you can enjoy a perfect holiday, safe in the knowledge that your faithful companion will behave itself for the whole week, respecting your holiday property and staying close to your temporary home. Perfect Pets are fully trained to respond to a wide range of commands, including sit, stay, heel & many more, keeping you in complete control. More importantly, they have excellent recall, so you know that if they do go exploring, you can call them back, knowing they will return swiftly to your side.

Obedience trained Perfect Pets behave well in crowds too, and won’t be fazed by large numbers of people, or by the sudden noises you often get at funfairs or carnivals. They will be great with other people, and even other dogs, and can be taken anywhere, from dog-friendly pubs and restaurants to steam trains and boat trips. What’s more, if you want to leave your dog at your holiday home while you go out for the afternoon or for dinner, you can be confident that they won’t trash the place while you are gone.

Taking your dog on holiday can make it extra special for you and especially your kids, and there’s lots of extra benefits too. Having to take regular walks means you are more likely to explore the area than if you went on your own, and you’ll often discover places off the tourist trail that you might otherwise have missed.

To find out more about Perfect Pets for sale ready for your family holiday, or how A&T can help train your existing dog to be a better holiday companion, get in touch with our friendly team today.