At A&T Trained Dogs, we’re often asked why we offer one to one dog training. After all, if it’s the dog that has behaviour issues, then surely it is the dog that needs the training, not the owner. But in many cases, it is both of you that need our help.

Historically, dogs are pack animals, and they will look to the pack leader, or Alpha Dog, for guidance and leadership on how to behave. In the home scenario, that pack leader is you, the owner. You are the Alpha Dog in your family pack, and you need to lead by example.

Just like a small child, your dog needs to know who is the boss and where the boundaries are. They want to understand what is acceptable, so that they can be accepted into the pack. If you are nervous around strangers, then your dog will follow your lead and be nervous too. If you do nothing but shout at your dog, then they will just shout back.

You are the Alpha Dog in your family pack, and you need to lead by example.

What your dog needs is to feel confident that you are in control and that you know what you are doing. If you are calm, they will be calm. If you have a quiet authority, then they will respond to that by obeying your commands.

One to One dog training at our Lancaster base allows us to work with both you and your dog, helping you to gain that confidence and control in a range of situations, both on and off lead. We’ll show you how to exert your authority over your dog without shouting, how to make them feel safe around strangers and how to achieve a level of obedience and behaviour that you never thought possible.

We should really call this type of dog training One to Two, because we’re helping both of you to build a relationship based on trust, with a healthy hierarchy that puts you in control.

If your dog thinks it is the Alpha Dog, and has no idea where the boundaries are, contact us today for some One to One dog training and we’ll help you put your pack in order.