It feels good to see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the pandemic, doesn’t it? Lots of us have been stuck at home for months on end, either working from home or on furlough. While some have enjoyed this new lifestyle, many more are really looking forward to getting back to work, to get out of the house, to see their colleagues and to get back to something more normal. Your dog, on the other hand, may not be looking forward to it quite so much.
Your dog has got used to you

Over the last twelve months, our dogs have got used to us being around. We may have been working, but we’ve been home. We’ve been there to let them out into the garden, to give them some attention when we take a break, and we’ve finished work and been free to play far earlier than we ever were when we had to commute.

Dogs are very much creatures of habit, and while a short-term change in their routine doesn’t make much difference, a year-long change will have significantly affected their expectations. Dogs that were previously happy to be left alone all day, may now find those long hours very boring and lonely. This will be challenging for any dog, and it can lead to depression, barking problems and even destructive behaviour. But don’t worry, because The Lounge Lancaster doggy day care is here to help.
A new routine

You may not be able to be with your dog all day long once you return to work, but our friendly, expert team can be. We can fill the gap that you leave, helping to keep your dog company, while providing important stimulation and structure to their day. A dog walker may be able to provide a break in their boredom, but it’s no substitute for the constant company they have enjoyed for the last twelve months.

The Lounge Doggy day care in Lancaster is designed to look after your dog’s mental health as well as keeping them fit and active. Most dogs like being with people, and with other dogs, as part of their pack. Doggy day care can step in when you step out to go back to the office, providing the same level of company and companionship that they have become so accustomed to.
Why choose The Lounge

Anyone can set up as a dog walker or doggy day care facility, but not everyone has the skills and experience you need to look after your dog’s mental health as well as keeping them physically active. At The Lounge Doggy Day Care our team are trained in canine behaviour, so we understand how your dog’s mind works. This means we can provide your pet with exactly what they need, to match both their physical and metal needs.

Like people, not all dogs want to bundle around in a big group and be active all day. Many quieter pets can find this non-stop activity to be stressful and mentally exhausting. A good doggy day care centre, such as The Lounge in Lancaster, understands this important element and will give your dog the environment it needs.
Easing them back to normal

Fortunately, many people will be easing back to work, starting with a mix of office and home working. This is good news for our dogs, as it means we can ease them into the new routine with two or three days of doggy day care and the rest with you at home.

As things progress, you can replace some of the days you were at home with a visit from a dog walker. This will give your dog a healthy mix of doggy day care and time alone, ensuring they are not over-stimulated and they don’t become dependent on the doggy day care in the same way they have become dependent on you in recent months.

At the end of the day, the pandemic has been a mental health challenge for all of us, including our dogs. But with Lancaster doggy day care from the team at The Lounge you can get things back to normal in a happy and healthy way for both of you.