Over the last year, we’ve all experienced how dull and boring it is to be stuck in our homes with nothing to do and nowhere to go. It’s so frustrating; you just want to scream and shout as all that pent up energy bubbles away inside. So, it should come as no surprise when our dogs feel exactly the same way when we leave them all day, every day while we go out to work.

Some dogs get bored and barky, others get destructive and chew the furniture or your favourite slippers just for something to do. Then when you get home, worn out from a hard day’s work, they just want to play and have some fun with you – which is probably the last thing you feel like doing. That’s where doggy day-care can really help you both out.

What is doggy day-care?

Doggy day-care is just like nursery or pre-school for your toddler. It’s a chance for your dog to spend the day in the company of others, playing and being entertained, while being looked after by trained experts who can monitor their wellbeing and keep them safe. Just like pre-school, The Lounge doggy day-care in Lancaster, will teach your dog vital social skills, including how to mix and play well with others, with dog training specialists on hand to make sure they get the most from the experience.

The benefits of doggy day-care for your dog

Dogs naturally enjoy being part of a pack, so they much prefer to be with other dogs instead of stuck in on their own. They are also creatures of habit, so they will appreciate the structure of being dropped off each day at our Lancaster doggy day-care centre. More importantly, dogs are active, intelligent animals that need much more mental stimulation and physical activity than they get spending all day on the couch waiting for you to get home. The Lounge doggy day-care centre near Lancaster is fully equipped and expertly staffed to give your dog all the exercise, excitement and interaction they need to stay healthy and happy.

The benefits of doggy day-care for you

Not only is doggy day-care good for your dog, it also has lots of benefits for you as an owner. It’s reassuring to know you are giving your dog what it needs, even when you are not there to look after it yourself. It’s also good to know that your dog is not disturbing the whole neighbourhood with its barking or destroying your home out of boredom. Perhaps the biggest benefit of all, especially on cold wet winter nights, is that your dog will come home as tired as you are and won’t mind too much if you don’t feel like going out for a walk after work.

Expert doggy day-care in Lancaster

There are lots of options for doggy day-care in Lancaster, but few have the level of expertise and experience of A&T Trained dogs. Our team have all worked hands-on with dogs just like yours for many years. What’s more, our facilities are first rate, with acres of Lancashire countryside for your dog to explore and enjoy. With The Lounge doggy day-care, your dog is not just housed for the day, they are trained and entertained, socialised and exercised, to make the most of every minute they are with us and every penny you spend.

To find out more about the benefits of doggy day-care in Lancaster, for both you and your dog, talk to our friendly team today.