If you are a driver, chances are you passed your driving test a number of years ago. You were expertly trained and reached a high standard of performance, knowing exactly what to do in all situations. But could you still pass the strict demands of the driving test if you took it today?

Standards Slip

Since you had your driving lessons, you will have developed all sorts of bad habits, as you became comfortable and confident on the road. And without your driving instructor to guide you back on to the straight and narrow, those bad habits will have slowly got worse. Can you honestly say you leave the correct stopping distances between you and the next car? Do you always keep below the speed limit? Many of us even have points on our licence that show just how much we have slipped from our test worthy standards.

Maintaining Training

The same is true with dog training. When your dog leaves us at A&T Trained Dogs, they will be fully trained to the highest standards, but those standards can sometimes start to slip once they get into their comfort zone with a caring family. After all, you are not a trained trainer, and you want your dog to like you, so it is unlikely that you will be as strict about the rules or as effective as our professional team. Those big brown eyes are just too hard to resist.

Before you know it, your dog could start to show signs of slipping, with hyperactivity when they get excited, pulling on the lead when you are out for a walk or even aggression towards other dogs or strangers.
A&T Aftercare

At A&T, we have been training dogs for many years, so we know how the process works, and more importantly, we know how to keep your dog behaving just like you want them to. To begin with, we will not only train your dog, but we train you too. At the end of your dog’s course with us, whether that’s one to one training or residential dog training in Lancaster, we will invite you along for a full one-hour handover session. During this time, your dog’s trainer will teach you how to keep control of your dog, using the commands we have taught them, and how to continue their training in a positive way, so your dog remains obedient and well behaved.

Refresher Training

If you feel your dog is starting to slip in their behaviour, you can always come back for a refresher course. This will remind your dog of what is expected and help you to correct any small issues before they become big problems. By the end of the refresher dog training course, your dog will be back to being as well behaved and obedient as they were when they first came to us.
All part of the service

Comprehensive hand overs and refresher training courses are all part of the service at A&T, because we want you to get the most out of your relationship with your dog, and we want your dog to feel happy and secure with you. We don’t just take your training money and run, we are there for the life of your dog, and we are committed to help out in any way that you need us to.

So if your dog is starting to get bad behaviour points on their licence, give our friendly team a call and we’ll soon set them straight again.