Being home alone can often be intimidating, especially in the winter when it goes dark so early, leaving you feeling particularly vulnerable. But are you really at risk in your own home, and if you are, what can you do about it?

Crime Statistics

The good news in the latest crime data from the Office for National Statistics, is that the overall trend is for lower rates of crime (with the exception of cyber-crime, which is increasing rapidly). Even so, the top three types of incident, after fraud and cyber-crime, are criminal damage, vehicle theft and domestic burglary, all of which are a threat to you in your own home.

According to the survey, released in October 2018, you have a 3.4% risk of having your property damaged, 3.1% risk of having your car stolen and are at 2.2% risk of being burgled. While these percentages may seem relatively low, it does mean that in a street of just fifty houses, at least one will be burgled each year. Naturally, crime rates vary between areas, and you can check your personal risk level online using this handy crime risk calculator.

Crime goes up at Christmas

As Macaulay Culkin discovered, being home alone at Christmas time can be especially worrying, as crimes such as burglary are influenced by the time of year. Christmas may be called the season of good will, but burglaries go up significantly during December, making us more vulnerable than ever.

This is hardly surprising when you think about it; with millions of pounds worth of brand new gifts and goodies wrapped up under our Christmas trees, it is simply too tempting for burglars to resist. According to the Daily Mail, there are around 450 burglaries a day over the Christmas period in Britain, as thieves help themselves to our precious presents.

Thieves staying a step ahead

So how do you stop this from happening? Unfortunately, whatever security systems you install in your home, the thieves will always be a step ahead. No sooner does a new lock appear on the market, than a new technique is learned to break it. Thieves are also getting wise to alarm systems and CCTV, finding a way around them and into homes across the UK.

But don’t worry; if you feel vulnerable in your home, and want to protect yourself, your family and all those gifts under the tree this Christmas, there is a solution that will put off even the most determined thief. A family protection dog from A&T Trained Dogs.

Part of the family, protecting the family

A&T family protection dogs are expertly trained to be a faithful and playful family pet, while also protecting your family and your home when it matters most. Unlike the traditional idea of a guard dog, these are not high drive, vicious animals that need to be kept chained up, these are friendly and fun, loyal and loving, just like any other dog. Our expert team teach them total obedience to a wide range of commands, from everyday instructions like sit and stay, to protection commands such as warn and attack.

Family protection dogs undergo twelve months intensive training, so you can have complete faith in their behaviour around friends and family, including children and other dogs. They will only ever attack on your command, and they will cease just as quickly when you tell them to stop.

You’re not alone

They say that a dog is for life, not just for Christmas, but Christmas is one time when our family protection dogs really come into their own. If you’re home alone this festive season, you’ll really appreciate the company and confidence they can give you.