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Colt - Dog for sale

Colt's Overview

Colt is training to be a high level Family protection dog, he is sweet natured and extremely loyal. There's nothing he loves more than his tennis ball. However he will switch from being a loving family dog to protect you when provoked or instructed to.

Breed - German Shepherd
DOB - 1st January 2020
Sex - Male
Colt's Skills

Advanced Obedience

Can live with small children

Good fun out and about

Good with children

Good with other dogs


"I sent my dog to A&T Dogs for training to improve his behaviour and obedience. I missed him, but the guys arranged 3 separate residential sessions, so he wasn't away for too long at one time. He's a great dog now, and does just as I say. It's great!"

Gavin, Liverpool

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