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Extra reassurance from a trusted pet

Our specially trained family protection dogs for sale will be part of your family, just like any other dog. They are safe around children, good with strangers and have an excellent temperament.

The big difference is that when needed, these dogs can call on their extra skills to protect your home and your family from intruders and those who would cause you harm. An alarm can be bypassed, a lock can be forced, but a family protection dog will stand its ground to protect what’s precious to you with its life.

Carefully selected

When you buy a trained German shepherd protection dog, or any other breed  from A&T, you can be sure that it has been carefully selected from the finest breeders in Europe. Each animal is thoroughly checked and tested for health, temperament and suitability before being imported to the UK for protection dog training.

Our family protection dogs are not vicious guard dogs, trained for aggression, that need to be chained up to control them. We select medium drive dogs that are much easier to live with than some of the ultra-active species often used in the protection industry. As a result, our selection and training offers you a friendly, family pet who will only attack on your command.

Realistic training

Our family protection dog training takes a full twelve months, producing balanced animal with an excellent temperament. These dogs are fully obedient both on and off the lead, making them safe around children and adults, displaying excellent social behaviour even in unfamiliar situations.

We train our dogs to understand a situation and react to commands, rather than being equipment focused. Many protection dogs are trained using bite sleeves and are only focused on the training equipment. It is unlikely that your burglar or attacker will be wearing one! Instead, we train our dogs to not focus on the training tools, but to ‘warn’ and ‘attack’ on your command, and to stop just as quickly when instructed – making your family protection dog ready for to protect in any real life situation that may occur

“I sent my dog to A&T Dogs for training to improve his behaviour and obedience. I missed him, but the guys arranged 3 separate residential sessions, so he wasn’t away for too long at one time. He’s a great dog now, and does just as I say. It’s great!”

Gavin, Liverpool


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