There are two astonishing facts that we’ve learned in our many years of providing dog training classes in Lancashire at A&T Trained Dogs. Firstly, not everybody likes dogs, and secondly, not everybody likes Christmas! Neither of these facts makes any sense to us at all, but as we approach the fun of the festive season, we find both of these stories arriving at our door like Mary and Joseph. Fortunately, there is room at our inn.

Not everyone’s a dog lover

At A&T, we love dogs! From our perfect pets to our fully trained family protection dogs, and all breeds in between, we simply couldn’t imagine life without them. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for all your Christmas visitors. Some people are scared of dogs, some have small children and worry about their safety around big dogs, and some people simply don’t like having dogs around.

This is all very well for a short festive dinner, where you can shut your dog in the hall or in the back garden, but if friends and family are coming to stay this season, it can be a much bigger problem. ‘Love me, love my dog’ often doesn’t work with the in-laws, or the fact they have attended dog training classes, so the only way they will come to stay is if your dog goes to stay somewhere else.

Fortunately, at A&T are open throughout the festive season, so if they can’t spend Christmas with you, they are welcome to come and celebrate with us at our purpose built, high-quality dog kennels near Lancaster.

Not everyone loves Christmas

Once again, there’s nothing we enjoy more at A&T than decking the halls with boughs of holly at Christmas time. We love the whole season, with its mince pies, secret Santa and blockbuster TV movies. But some people just can’t get away quick enough. Forget the snow and ice, their perfect festive break is sun and sand in some far-flung corner of the world, well away from the crackers and the Christmas trees.

Much though they’d love to, they can’t take their four-legged friend with them to play in the sun. Luckily, we’re perfectly placed to help by providing their dogs with their own holiday in the warmth and comfort of our luxury dog kennels in North Lancashire. They might not get a tan, but they won’t be left out in the cold either.

Residential training

A third reason we get busy at this time of year is for dog training classes. Even if you don’t need the dog out of the house because you have guests, or because you are going away to be a guest yourself, you can book them in for some expert dog training. You’ll be giving yourself the gift of a better behaved, more obedient dog to start the New Year with, and you’ll be giving them the gift of knowing who’s boss and understanding their boundaries, so they can keep you happy – which is all your dog really wants to do at the end of the day.

Here to help this festive season

Whatever the reason for booking in your dog over the Christmas period, it’s reassuring to know that A&T are here to help with the quality and comfort that your pet deserves. So from all of us here to all of our customers, past, present and future, we’d like wish you a very merry Christmas and a well behaved and obedient New Year!