Residential Dog Training

Residential dog training has been shown to be the fastest and most effective way to train your dog and correct any behavioural problems. It provides intensive, daily dog training classes in a compact and convenient course, and can produce remarkable results in both puppies and older dogs.

Bespoke Training

Before your dog arrives, we will conduct a phone consultation with you to discuss your dog, understand any specific problems and create a tailor made programme to deliver the results you need.

The average residential course lasts four or five weeks, with regular updates by phone or email so you can monitor your dog’s progress. Don’t worry, you don’t have to part with your furry friend for the full five weeks, the training can be held in 2-3 separate blocks. By the end of the course, you will have complete control of your dog, even off lead, giving you confidence in a wide range of situations.

Your dog will learn to sit, walk to heel, lay down and stay on command. Our training will also significantly improve recall, responding to left finish (returning to your left hand side) or present (returning to sit in front of you).

At the end of the residential dog training course, you will have a full hour handover with your dog’s trainer. This will show you what your dog has learned and how you can continue the process at home.

Residential Training Packages start from £400 per week.

Excellent Care

We look after all our residents as if they were our own dogs, with regular walks and lots of love and attention. To help them feel at home, we recommend that you bring their familiar food, as well as a blanket or toys from home, or we can provide everything to keep them happy and comfortable. If your furry friend is undergoing any ongoing treatment or medication, just let us know and we’ll be sure to make sure they get the extra care they need

We check the health and wellbeing of our dogs every morning and evening, and all dogs are bathed and groomed before collection.

Coming Soon

Our dog training facilities are currently under construction and will be due to open Spring of 2020.

Should you like to reserve a booking or make contact, please do so by contacting or 01524 123456 by telephone.