The world can feel like an increasingly dangerous place at times, with more and more challenges to the safety of those we hold dear. Naturally, you want to protect your family from these dangers in whatever way you can, keeping them safe both at home and when they are out and about. This explains the rise in the number of potentially aggressive dog breeds kept by families, such a pit bulls, Rottweilers and German shepherds.

Untrained dogs are dangerous

Unfortunately, without the right training, these dogs can be just as dangerous to your family as the people you are trying to protect them from – if not more so. Reports for the year 2015 show that no less than 7332 people required hospital treatment as a result of dog attacks. 1733 of these victims were children, including 39 babies, 611 toddlers and 528 aged between five and nine years old. In the four months to April of the following year, figures show that 2854 people were treated in A&E for dog attacks, including 373 children under ten. Meanwhile, in America, 433 people have been killed by dogs since 2005, and almost half of these, 208, have been children.

Trained family protection dogs

The idea that their family protection dog might end up turning into the very thing they are trying to protect against puts many people off the idea altogether, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

At A&T Trained Dogs, we understand the role of the protection dog within the family, and we work hard to only select and train animals that can be trusted as a family pet, while still providing that essential peace of mind protection.

Each dog is carefully selected for breed, temperament and suitability, from some of the best breeders in Europe. We only source and train medium drive dogs that will fit with family life, rather than an ultra-high drive dog that needs chaining up in the back garden.

Safe and sound

Our family protection dogs for sale are completely safe around children and strangers, both inside the home and out in public. They are affectionate, friendly and sociable, even around other dogs, and are trained to respond to your commands, making them obedient both on and off lead.

Only when instructed will their protection training kick in. Your dog will only show aggression on your command, warning away potential attackers or putting themselves on the line to protect you and your family. Perhaps more importantly, they will stop just as fast when commanded to do so. They are never out of control and will never attack on instinct.

Take control of your safety

A family protection dog is the perfect blend of family pet and peace of mind protection, who you can trust with your children even when you are not around to supervise. Many months of intense training by our highly experienced and talented team gives you that vital trust in your dog as a loyal and obedient companion.