We’ve explored many reasons where expert dog training in invaluable, how can it impact our holidays? This year, with so many restrictions on travelling abroad, many of us will be taking our summer holidays right here in the UK. This means that we will have the chance to take all of the family with us, including our dogs. For many dog owners, this is a regular experience, but if you have not been on holiday with your dog before, there are a few things you need to consider both before you book and when you arrive.
Choosing the right holiday home for your dog

These days, there are lots of holiday homes which are advertised as dog-friendly, but you need to look a little closer if you want to find the perfect place for your dog. It’s no use having a dog friendly cottage if all the surrounding fields are full of sheep and lambs and your poor pooch is forced to spend all week on the lead.

Similarly, you need to check that there is plenty to do in the area for your family and your dog, and that local attractions, restaurants and pubs will welcome all of you. Most dog-friendly cottages will have rules against leaving your dog alone in the property, and if you can’t take them out with you either, you have that much fun.
Dog training before you go

Before you set off for your holiday, you should make sure you have everything your dog will need when you get there. This includes their bed, toys and blanket so they feel at home, and enough of their favourite food in case the local shops don’t stock it.

You should make sure their collar tag is up to date with your mobile phone number, and check they have had all their jabs, including kennel cough. Chances are they will be mixing with other dogs, as well as staying in a cottage where other dogs have been, so you need to be sure they are protected. A top up on their dog training is a good idea too, to make sure they are on their best behaviour in someone else’s property.
Travelling with your Dog

If your dog is not used to long car journeys, then it is worth working up to your holiday trip with a few practice runs. It can also be worthwhile investing in a dog cage for the car. This is not only safer for you and your dog, but can create a calm, familiar space that your dog feels comfortable in, without feeling squeezed out by cases. Make sure you pack enough food and water for the journey and plan plenty of stops for your pet to stretch his legs.
Arriving with your Dog

The important thing to remember is that dog-friendly does not automatically mean dog-safe. You need to check your holiday home carefully on arrival to make sure that it is appropriate for your dog and that there are no holes in the hedge or fence for him to escape through to go exploring.

Check the rules for your dog and where they are allowed in the property, and make sure you can keep them out of other areas easily, remember if you have expert dog training beforehand your pooch will know how to respond to your commands. It can be useful to take throws or covers for the furniture, so you don’t spend all week worrying about dirty paw prints on the sofa.
Out and about with your Dog

When you take your dog out in unfamiliar places, it is important to keep them safe. If they normally live in an urban setting, they may not realise the dangers of clifftops or deep rivers, or how painful bramble bushes can be when you get stuck chasing a rabbit. They will also be curious about new animals like sheep and cattle and this could get them in trouble, both with the animals and with the local farmers. It’s best to keep them on the lead unless you are completely sure of your surroundings and invest in some dog training before you go to sharpen their recall and general obedience.
Enjoy yourself knowing your Dog has had Expert Dog Training

You might not be able to fly away to the sun, but with just a little forward planning, you can enjoy a different kind of holiday break this year that the whole family can share. Who knows, if you’ve invested in expert dog training, you might enjoy your break with your four-legged friend so much that you say goodbye to expensive kennels and tedious airport delays for good.