Residential Dog Training - All the Time They Need

Date: 18/05/18

Residential Dog Training - All the Time They Need

If you are looking for ‘dog obedience training classes near me’, then chances are you’ll find weekly or fortnightly sessions on offer. These are fine as far as they go, but unfortunately for many dogs, they simply don’t go far enough.

Just like humans, dog behaviour is habitual and reinforced by repetition, which means the odd session here and there won’t have much effect, especially if the learning is not reinforced in between. Yet with most of us living busy lives, it can be hard to find the time and energy you need to maintain dog obedience training in between sessions and get real results.

That’s why our residential dog training courses in Lancashire are so effective. By taking your dog for four or five weeks, we can give them the consistent, daily training they need to establish new habits and really incorporate their learning into their everyday behaviour, making the changes you want in behaviour and obedience.

Dog behaviour is habital and reinforced by repetition, which means the odd session here and there wont have much effect.

It might be hard to be without your four-legged friend for a month, but it is well worthwhile, because when they return from their residential dog training course, they will be like a whole new dog. In just a few weeks we will teach them a range of commands that will change the way you interact with your dog, putting you confidently in control both on and off the lead.

Of course, it’s not all hard work; we’ll make sure your dog has a great time with us too. We have seven acres of superb Lancashire countryside for walks and play, and our staff are all dog lovers, so you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands, getting all the love and attention they need.

Our residential dog training courses have achieved some remarkable results for all kinds of behavioural problems, and they could work for you too. Talk to our team today to discuss what you’d like to achieve and well tell you how we can help.