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Keeping your Dog Trained

Date: 02/04/19

Hand overs and refresher training courses are all part of the service at A&T, because we want you to get the most out of your relationship with your dog. Read More

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Residential Dog Training for your Easter Break

Date: 25/03/19

Next time you go away, don’t book your dog into the boarding kennels, book him in with us for some residential dog training instead. Read More

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Ten Reasons to Buy a Perfect Pet

Date: 14/03/19

People often ask us why they should buy perfect pets. There are lots of good reasons why a perfect pet is, well, perfect. Read More

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Ten Reasons you Shouldn’t Try to Train your Own Dog

Date: 12/03/19

You can train your own dog, can’t you? Well, no, actually in most cases, you can’t – at least not very well. Leave it to dog training experts. Read More

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Why Puppies are not Perfect Pets

Date: 25/01/19

A&T Dogs are experts for Dog Aggression Training, but we were challenged by an aggressive German Shepherd. Read how we saved Shelby's life with training. Read More

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