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Protecting your Dog with Doggy Day-Care

Date: 18/07/21

For the ultimate protection, you can book your pooches into doggy daycare at our dog kennels in Lancaster. Read More

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Summer Safety for Dogs

Date: 20/06/21

There’s lots of ways you can look after your dog during hot weather, or if you’re not around, we can keep them cool for you at our Lancaster doggy day care centre. Read More

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Rescue Me – Dog Training for Rescue Dogs

Date: 13/06/21

Rescue dogs come with many advantages, and A&T Trained Dogs are always on hand with dog behaviour training to help iron out any issues and help your dog settle into his new home. Read More

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You CAN you teach an old dog new tricks

Date: 25/05/21

Conventional wisdom tells us that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but at A&T Trained Dogs, Lancaster, we know different. Read More

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Going Back to Work

Date: 16/05/21

To reduce the risk of separation anxiety enrol your four-legged friend in a doggie day care centre at A&T Trained dogs. Read More

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