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Are ‘Dog Years’ Accurate?

Date: 01/08/21

When it comes to assessing how old your dog is, most of us will fall back on the common misconception of dog years. In this calculation, every year of your dog’s life is worth seven in human terms. Read More

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Foods That Are Poisonous To Dogs

Date: 17/09/21

A surprising number of everyday human foods are toxic to dogs, and you need to be really careful with treats and leftovers if you want to protect your pooch from some pretty nasty consequences. Read More

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New Laws to Protect Dogs

Date: 01/09/21

Over 2,000 dog thefts were reported to the police in the UK last year, with many more thought to have gone un-reported. Read More

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Will a Dog Day Care Centre Work with my Lifestyle?

Date: 01/03/21

Doggy day care is similar to childcare. You’ll drop your dog off with us in the morning before you go to work, and we’ll look after them all day until you are ready to pick them up on your way home in the evening. Read More

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Can Dogs Sniff out Covid-19?

Date: 20/08/21

Research is still in its early stages, but there are promising signs that dogs can sniff out Covid-19 more accurately than a lateral flow test, and in some cases even better than a PCR test. Read More

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Alternative Options to a Dog Walker

Date: 26/07/21

Choosing Lancaster doggy day care, dog boarding or residential dog training from A&T Trained Dogs, has a number of advantages over a dog walking service. Our teams are all highly experienced dog handlers, supervised by fully trained dog trainers. Read More

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Protecting your Dog with Doggy Day-Care

Date: 18/07/21

For the ultimate protection, you can book your pooches into doggy daycare at our dog kennels in Lancaster. Read More

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Summer Safety for Dogs

Date: 20/06/21

There’s lots of ways you can look after your dog during hot weather, or if you’re not around, we can keep them cool for you at our Lancaster doggy day care centre. Read More

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Rescue Me – Dog Training for Rescue Dogs

Date: 13/06/21

Rescue dogs come with many advantages, and A&T Trained Dogs are always on hand with dog behaviour training to help iron out any issues and help your dog settle into his new home. Read More

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Going Back to Work

Date: 16/05/21

To reduce the risk of separation anxiety enrol your four-legged friend in a doggie day care centre at A&T Trained dogs. Read More

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You CAN you teach an old dog new tricks

Date: 25/05/21

Conventional wisdom tells us that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but at A&T Trained Dogs, Lancaster, we know different. Read More

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Booking a Holiday with your Dog

Date: 11/04/21

We’ve explored many reasons where expert dog training in invaluable, how can it impact our holidays? This year, with so many restrictions on travelling abroad, many of us will be taking our summer holidays right here in the UK. This means that we... Read More

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Fully Trained Dogs Helping to Tackle Obesity in Dogs

Date: 04/04/21

Fully trained dogs can enjoy much more exercise, as you can let them off the lead, confident that they will come back to you. Read More

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Will a Fully Trained Dog Work Better for my Family than a Puppy?

Date: 08/03/21

There are never any rights or wrongs when it comes to choosing between a puppy to join your family or a fully trained dog. There are pros and cons to both, and through our service we can offer you fully trained family dogs for sale, alongside our... Read More

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Mental Health Benefits from Regular Doggy Daycare Sessions

Date: 16/03/21

The Lounge Doggy day care in Lancaster is designed to look after your dog’s mental health as well as keeping them fit and active. Most dogs like being with people, and with other dogs, as part of their pack. Read More

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Integrating a Fully Trained Dog with your Family

Date: 23/03/21

Choosing fully trained dogs for sale from A&T Trained Dogs will give you the reassurance that your new dog will have a balanced temperament, and that they should be able to get on well with most others. Read More

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Essential Socialisation Training for your Dog

Date: 15/02/21

Our dog socialisation classes near Lancaster are a great way for your dog to meet new friends and learn the correct way to behave in a range of situations. Our friendly team of professional dog trainers have many years’ experience with many... Read More

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Lancaster Doggy Day-Care Now Open

Date: 22/02/21

The Lounge Doggy Day-Care in Lancaster is now open, teaching your dog vital social skills, with dog training specialists on hand to make sure they get the most from the experience. Read More

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Socialising Covid Puppies

Date: 25/01/21

COVID pups can take advantage of our specialised socialisation classes, during which they will be introduced to other people and dogs in a controlled environment, overseen by trained professionals who specialise in behavioural therapy. Giving your... Read More

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