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Socialising Covid Puppies

Date: 25/01/21

COVID pups can take advantage of our specialised socialisation classes, during which they will be introduced to other people and dogs in a controlled environment, overseen by trained professionals who specialise in behavioural therapy. Giving your... Read More

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Dog Training for the Christmas holidays

Date: 21/11/19

At A&T Trained Dogs, we love dogs however, the same cannot be said for all your Christmas visitors. Read More

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Snow Dogs in Training

Date: 15/11/19

Some dogs are bred for the snow and can go long periods and cover vast distances in the very coldest weather. Read More

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Raw Dog Food - Healthy or Hazardous?

Date: 29/10/19

A raw food diet has to be balanced just like any other dog food, to ensure your dog gets the nutrition it needs. Read more about raw dog food. Read More

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Is residential dog training right for me?

Date: 15/10/19

If you are having problems with your dog, such as behaviour problems or lack of response to basic commands, then you need professional help with training. Read More

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