Sorting out specific problems

Here at A&T Trained Dogs, we offer a full range of Lancaster dog training programmes. We teach all our dogs basic obedience, including commands like sit, stay and heel, to put you in control, both on and off lead, in a wide range of situations. But that’s just the start of it.

In addition to our dog obedience training courses, we can also help you with any specific issues you may be having with your dog with our bespoke dog training courses. These problems can often spoil an otherwise excellent relationship, causing stress for both of you and restricting the activities you can do together.

For example, some dogs are great on the lead, but have terrible recall when you let them off at the park or in the countryside. This not only takes time and effort trying to get your dog back, but also makes you reluctant to take them to such places, and so you both end up missing out. Other dogs can be perfectly friendly with you and your family, but have real issues with strangers. Once again, this can severely restrict where you can take your dog and spoil your relationship.

‘With 30 years of dog training experience behind him, Alan has seen it all, and learned how to change those behaviours quickly and permanently.’

Bespoke Dog Training Classes

Many of our customers at A&T Trained Dogs feel that these issues mean that there is something wrong with their dog, or even with them, because every other dog they see appears well behaved. But the truth is that things like recall and suspicion of strangers are common issues with dogs. With 30 years of dog training experience behind him, Alan has seen it all, and more importantly, learned how to change those behaviours quickly and permanently.

Alan and his fully trained team offer tailored bespoke dog training courses to address any specific issues you may be having. We will always discuss your dog with you in detail before any dog training course begins, and then put together a bespoke training programme that solves these problems, alongside the basic dog obedience course.

At A&T Trained Dogs, we want everyone to get the most out of their dog, feeling in control and confident whatever the situation. So don’t let one issue spoil it all for both of you; get it sorted out fast with bespoke dog training.