There’s a lot that our dogs can learn from us, especially if they get proper training from an experienced team like A&T. Our trained family dogs for sale have learned a range of basic commands, including the all-important ‘recall’ commands that bring them back to your side when they go running off to explore.

Dogs love to learn new tricks and obedient responses that get them praise, attention and perhaps a treat. But at the same time, we can learn a lot from our dogs if we are willing to see things their way occasionally. As the famous ad campaign would have it, we should all try to ‘be more dog’.

The biggest lesson we can learn from our pets is to be present. Dogs live in the present moment, in the now, experiencing life as it happens to them. They don’t waste a lovely sunny walk in the park worrying about what is waiting for them when they get home. They don’t fret about what people think of them or stress themselves out about what they did yesterday or what they will do tomorrow. They just sniff the air, take in their surroundings and enjoy the moment.

We can all learn from this approach, taking the time to be present and experience what is happening around us right now, instead of rushing on to the next thing. The world is a beautiful place, and you can find that beauty even in the center of the city if you take the time to stop your non-stop rush through life and look around.

This presence makes dogs much more content with their lot in life. As humans, we’re constantly saying that we will be happy when… When pay day comes, when our boss gets off our back, or when we’ve finished doing such and such and have some time for ourselves. This kind of thinking puts us onto a constantly turning hamster wheel that is really hard to get off. But dogs don’t think about ‘when…’, they’re just happy right now, without conditions. A tennis ball or a spot by the fireside is all they need to be content.

The final lesson we can learn from dogs is to appreciate those around us. Anyone who’s ever come home to a dog will know how nice it is to be missed and appreciated. Dogs are thrilled when we come home, and they don’t hold back in showing it. But when was the last time you showed the same appreciation or excitement at seeing someone close to you? We all slip into taking each other for granted, but we’d all love to be greeted by our family and friends the way we are greeted by our dogs.

Whether you’ve bought one of the trained dogs for sale from A&T, or you’ve trained your dog yourself, perhaps it is time to turn the tables and let them be the teacher for a while. We are forever anthropomorphising our dogs to be more human, but maybe, just occasionally, it should be the other way around.