Over two million people became dog owners during the pandemic. Many were looking for companionship during lockdown, while others were searching for ways to get out of the house and get some exercise as they adjusted to working from home for the first time. Both new and existing dogs loved the lockdown, as they suddenly had their humans at home to spend time with them and take them out for walks.


However, now that restrictions are being lifted, many of us will be returning to work and getting on with our lives. This means that we will be out of the house all day, leaving our four-legged friends bored and lonely and stuck indoors. So, what can you do to give your dog the exercise and mental stimulation they need now that you are no longer there for them yourself? Should you hire a dog walker, or is there a better solution?


The drawbacks of dog walkers

Hiring someone to come and walk your dog is a popular solution for many people. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your dog has had his daily exercise, and it leaves you free of an evening to relax with your pet instead of rushing round to fit in a dog walk, which isn’t always fun on a dark or wet winter’s night. However, there are drawbacks to using this kind of service.


Finding a skilled, insured, experienced dog walker, who has the capacity to take on your dog, isn’t always easy. There is no official training or registration required and so anyone can set themselves up as a dog walking service. This unfortunately means that there is no guarantee that you will find someone who is good with your dog or who knows how to stay in control in a firm but positive way. While there are many good dog walkers out there, there are also a number of people who are in it for the money, not because they know and love dogs.


The advantages of doggy daycare

Choosing Lancaster doggy day care, dog boarding or residential dog training from A&T Trained Dogs, has a number of advantages over a dog walking service. Our teams are all highly experienced dog handlers, supervised by fully trained dog trainers, who will understand your dog and socialise them with the right pack, rather than randomly adding them to their dog walking route. This will help your dog to feel more settled and enjoy the experience much more.


Doggy daycare in Lancaster also has the advantage of looking after your dog all day long, rather than just for an hour or so during walk-time. This prevents them from getting bored and lonely, which can lead to destructive behaviour and barking issues. What’s more, with The Lounge doggy daycare, you don’t have to trust a stranger with your home security. Simply drop them off at our purpose-built dog training facility near Lancaster, and they can enjoy professional care, all day long, from a highly experienced team of dog experts.


We all know how frustrating lockdown felt, stuck in the house all day, bored and restless. So now that it’s over, don’t make your dog go through the same thing. Book them into doggy daycare with A&T Trained Dogs today and let them enjoy the same freedoms we are as the restrictions ease.