Why buy a trained dog?

The idea of choosing your dog as a puppy is very appealing, but the reality is very different. You have no idea of the temperament of the dog, and whether it is right for you, and you have no way of knowing whether the dog will match your lifestyle and fit in with your family, your home environment and your other pets.

With the fast pace of modern life, you need a dog that can simply slot into your existing lifestyle quickly and easily. That way you can enjoy all the benefits of companionship, assistance and protection of a well trained dog, without any of the stress and hassle that comes with an unknown animal.

I’ll just get a perfect puppy…

Many people think, why would I want a trained dog? I’ll get a perfect puppy like I’ve seen in films, or as I had growing up and it will be great.

To begin with your puppy is likely to be playful, jumping on the children, scratching at your feet for food, jumping up to you and getting overexcited. These may only seem like small problems and appear very cute.

Fast forward 8 months and your tiny Golden Retriever puppy is now 5 times the size it was, it’s knocking your children over, climbing over the table when you eat, never giving you a moment’s peace, bounding up to visitors and jumping all over them. Suddenly your little puppy with a small problem, is a giant dog with frustrating and potentially threatening problems.

Buying a Perfect Pet from A&T Trained Dogs ensures that your dog has perfect table manners and always responds to your instructions. With a Perfect Pet, your visitors will feel safe, your children will have their best ever friend, you will have a good-natured companion (and uninterrupted meal times). Perfect Pets offer the perfect solution.

Can’t I train my dog myself?

Puppy training is very demanding, and few people have the time and skills to know how to train a dog correctly. This can sometimes do more harm than good, creating problems that can last a lifetime. Training an adult dog can be even harder, undoing years of conditioning as you try to ‘teach an old dog new tricks’.

By providing fully trained dogs for sale, we take away the hassle of obedience, bad behaviour and toilet training, giving you a perfect pet who will be settled, socialised, great with kids and stress free from the first day.